A study shows how second opinion in Oncology can improve cancer treatment in around half of the patients

A Canadian study on head and neck cancer, conducted in 94 patients at the University of Calgary and reported in June 2013, (www.journalotohns.com/) concludes that the second medical opinion, with evaluation by an expert radiologist of the same tests, re-classified in almost 60% of patients the stage (extension situation) of the disease, and as a result 38% of patients changed the indicated treatment pattern. These data illustrate the well-recognized need to treat cancer in multidisciplinary teams of true experts in each type of tumor. It could be added to this study, data that was not analyzed, how many additional patients changed their treatment not because of the “new” radiological situation but because of the second oncological expert opinion. In short, nearly half of the patients benefited from better treatment thanks to cancer second opinion.