Why request a second medical opinion to SMO?
To request a second opinion or medical assessment adds a quality contribution towards understanding and successfully solving your case.

What advantages do we offer?

1. A review of your problem by recognised medical experts such as national and international experts in the field or subject under consultation and whose professional CV you can access.
A really unique service in the field of cancer, consisting of “Tumour Multidisciplinary Teams or Cancer Committees”, consisting of leading experts in Medical Oncology, Surgical Oncology, Radiotherapy and other specialised disciplines in each cancer type, who meet to discuss the case and determine the best possible treatment.

Médicos Especialistas
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2. An assured reply with maximum guarantees of confidentiality, through a report containing the conclusions derived from the issues you raised as well as the recommendations to be followed.

3. A prompt answer in three to seven days, depending on the complexity.