• Why is it important to get a second opinion?

    The complexity of modern medicine makes it difficult to obtain an immediate answer to all diagnostic and treatment questions involved in any given case. In an ordinary visit to a specialist you have 20 or 30 minutes, which is often insufficient time to discuss the case with the needed rigour and depth and insufficient time to safely provide an effective answer to all the questions asked by the patient and his/her family. A second medical opinion issued by experts with sufficient time and training to analyse your case offers the needed answer that is required to respond to your medical problems.

  • What are the advantages of SMO?

    Quality is the greatest value. SMO provides true specialists, dedicated and prestigious in each area of medicine. They are accredited through their curriculum, which is accessible to you. In addition, these professionals are selected for their commitment to excellence in the reply report, which necessarily includes maximum clarity, specific recommendations and understandable documented scientific reasoning.

    Time. In each case, SMO commits to an extensive dedication – hours of analysis and study that are unfeasible with a conventional face to face consultation – together with a short reply time (seven days maximum).

    Assurance. Through SMO you will know who answers your questions and why you should trust them (via their curriculum). You will obtain a report which will clearly solve your doubts, with the maximum guarantees of confidentiality.

  • Why are there two modalities of service? Which one should I choose?

    “Option A” is designed to answer questions when no reports or tests are provided, that is, it does not require a comprehensive patient analysis, which is why the cost is lower and the reply time is never more than three days.

    “Option B” offers a specialist opinion from reports and additional tests which you provide.

  • How do I submit my reports and medical tests?

    Once you have registered as a user and your consultation has been sent, SMO will notify you about whether it can adequately respond to your questions. After receiving this confirmation you must access the payment area (entering the registered user area) and complete the details. Once payment is effective, you will receive the “Customer Area” access codes through an SMS. Once there, you will receive details, in a simple way, on how to attach the files you consider necessary and how to check the reply report. Therefore, these need to be in electronic format.

  • How will I receive the reply report?

    After making payment you will receive the access codes to the Customer Area through an SMS sent to your mobile phone. Once there, you will receive details, in a simple way, on how to attach the files you consider necessary and how to check and download the reply report.

  • In what languages can the reports be sent and enquiries be made? In what language is the reply report issued?

    Medical reports are accepted in English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian or French. The reply is issued in Spanish. If you prefer, you can receive it in English, Arabic, Russian or French.

  • How will I receive the invoice?

    An invoice will be available to download next to the reply report in the Customer Area